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the Latest reports on whats biting and where

LATEST REPORTS:My latest adventures with pictures

Articles that will take you all over and tell you how to catch what swims

FEATURE FISHING ARTICLES::Fishing Adventures and Details for Interesting Spots

Fishing tactics and basic methods how to and why

BASICS AND TACTICS:Techniques and Methods to make you a better angler

Articles for anyone interested in travel in the outdoors

TRAVEL ARTICLES and Tips:Interesting Travel Articles on things to do in different places, Food Spots, and Travel Tips

Ecology for anglers and those interested in fish

FISH ECOLOGY and BIOLOGY:An anglers guide to fish ecology and biology

Fish Stories and Fun

FISHING STORIES AND FUN:Fishing’s Urban Legends and Stories, Animation, and other silliness.

A list of other fishing and outdoors related websites

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Welcome to the Combat-Fishing ® homepage, dedicated to providing fun and information for the recreational angler and outdoor enthusiast. Here you will find detailed information on an ever-expanding list places to travel to and fish.  Also, this page endeavors to provide information on nature and ecology for the outdoors enthusiast any anyone who seeks knowledge. My Philosophy: Any trip (even a business trip) can become an outdoor adventure!

If you like space, rockets, and astronomy, terraforming, space colonization my other site will interest you: Combat-Fishing ® Animation and Space

Into Smallies (especially around Lake St. Clair) and the tackle for them, hit my fishing compadre's site

Legalese: All IMAGES, TEXT and STORIES on this and succeeding Combat-fishing ® pages © 1993 to 2015 Bryce L. Meyer....ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. "Combat-Fishing" is a federally registerd trademark. Webmaster at

All IMAGES, TEXT and STORIES on this and succeeding Combat-Fishing® pages (c) 1993 to 2015 Bryce L. Meyer....ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The Term "Combat-Fishing" is a federally registered trademark. The 'Fish and pole in camo' image is a trademark too.